Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kitchen Concept Art

I wanted to see a visual of how we picture our kitchen looking when it's done and given the nature of my job, I figured I might as well just do up a piece of concept art. That way we could make sure we liked what we had planned in our head before we pulled the trigger and also have something to give to our contractor and say "here, make this." :) The perspective is a bit wonky in places, but it gets the point across and I think we are pretty happy with the direction.

Here's the image I created for what we want it to look like:
Here's what it looks like right now, with all the old cabinets torn off the walls:And here's what it looked like before:Oh, and I also created the space in SketchUp, which is a 3D modeling program from Google that allows you to build things to scale so all the measurements are accurate. Here's a couple shots from different angles:


  1. Damn dude, loving it. It's invoking a feeling of your old Potrero hill place! BTW how is sketch up? Easy to use? I've never touched it.

  2. yeah, we had some butcher block counter at Potrero, which we liked. Another thing we liked about that house was that it wasn't over clustered with upper cabinets. We decided we didn't want to wrap the upper cabinets around the sides of the room in this house so we could keep some of that open feeling.
    SketchUp is cool. It's easy to use for someone like me who doesn't know a lot about 3D. Plus it's good for this type of application because you can just type in measurements and it will help you create things to scale. Also there is a good library of free fridges, stoves, etc that you can download through the program and just slap em in your room.

  3. Great job Ben! Nice amount of bench space there mate. Can't wait to see it... one day.

    One question, how is the perspective off if you used sketchup? :P

  4. I love it! The concept art idea is totally what's needed to visualize the changes. Makes it all seem less daunting I imagine as well with a picture of the finished product already. :)